Technology of individual elements

The latest technologies – protective coatings, stairs, railings, lighting.

OceanSPA pool technology

The container basin is built in such a way that the structure can be transported by crane to the destination. It is completely self-supporting, and due to the construction of large glazing, the structure is reinforced to give rigidity.


Thermally toughened soda-lime-silicate 24 mm ESG multilayer glass is in accordance with EN 12150-1, and its safety is confirmed by the execution in accordance with EN 1288-3.

Glass foundation in a steel frame, using a special adhesive mass with structural strength adequate to the swimming pool capacity.

Stairs, railing

The internal stairs are made of steel and are designed in such a way that children and the elderly move safely on them. Internal steps located in the water have rounded edges and give the possibility of both gradual immersion in the pool and safe lowering of the water. The external door in front of the stairs is secured against unauthorized entry by a lock.

The barrier is made of A2 grade stainless steel and is placed in the pool structure in special watertight mounting sleeves to prevent the possibility of corrosion of structural parts.

Protective coatings

After precision welding, the pool is varnished by spray priming and external coating with solvatic PU Monocoat ZE27 paints with increased corrosion resistance and the highest UV resistance available on the market. In coating systems for durable steel structures, such as steel structures with high levels of exposure to water, salt and de-icing salt.

A two-component coating material based on acrylic polyurethane. High-quality single-layer paint with good UV resistance; flexible and resistant to chemicals. The product has high abrasion resistance, high hardness and impact resistance, excellent resistance to chemical and mechanical loads. Good resistance to oils, fuels, salts and diluted acids.

The interior of the pool is covered with a special polyurea surface. The material complies with European standards and is hygienically approved for use in the European Union based on the PZH HK / W / 0262/01/2014 certificate. ALMACOAT CONCRETE, ALMACOAT FLOOR, ALMACOAT UV PROTECT – designed as coatings in swimming pools, jacuzzi and spa installations, fountains, ponds, fountains, fire protection installations, technological water and sewage tanks and pipelines, groundwater protection systems. Almacoat consists of a primer and a usable polyurea layer. Almacoat is used to protect steel and other surfaces against mechanical damage and abrasion. The 1.5-2.0mm thick layer is an excellent water barrier and is an excellent corrosion protection for components susceptible to corrosion. Recreational pools, especially the outdoor ones, are exposed to a number of damaging factors such as moisture, disinfectants, low pH, fungi, mold, freezing and UV radiation. Such objects require special attention to the selection of appropriate insulation materials. Aesthetic, durable and quickly curing polyurea coatings provide long-term protection of the reinforced concrete structure. A seamless, permanently flexible polyurea membrane is resistant to chlorine, covers cracks in the substrate even at subzero temperatures and does not promote the growth of microorganisms.

Water technology

The sand filter, pumping station and chemical dispenser are easily accessible in the technical part and attached to the ground. The sand filter is subject to service depending on the intensity of the pool operation, it is set in such a way that it is easy to take it out to replace the sand bed. The pipes and joints are made of a material suitable for continuous operation under conditions appropriate for use of the pool. There is a drain at the bottom of the pool for periodic substitution or emptying. There are nozzles on the steps of the pool so that there are no dead zones. In the upper part there is a high-performance skimmer, collecting any dirt from the water surface. The chemistry dispenser is built into the system and set depending on the intensity of pool operation. There are connectors on the external wall for the optional connection of solar panels, a heat pump or other heating source. In order to maintain the temperature, the pool is equipped with a roller blind made of special solar foil and a rolling system. On sunny days, the water temperature rises automatically due to the special properties of the film while preventing the evaporation of water and the penetration of dirt or insects into the water.


The pool is equipped with a low-voltage lighting system: an underwater lamp, an LED envelope lighting system and work lighting in a pumping station. The whole is connected by a surge protector in the form of an electrical cabinet in the technical part of the pool.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to prepare the substrate specially?

Yes – the pool must stand on built-in steps capable of carrying a total load of about 20 T.

Can I put a pool on the lawn?

It is recommended to prepare a place for the pool in such a way as to prevent overgrowth of plants.

Can individual valuation include land use?

Yes, as long as the company finds a local garden conservator who will undertake orders in accordance with the client’s guidelines.

What are the options for transporting the pool to another place when we change the location?

After emptying, the pool is fully demountable and can be transported to another location.

What is the pool guarantee?

The pool body has a 5-year warranty, elements of technical equipment have a warranty period in accordance with the periods specified by their manufacturers.

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